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InfraSoft Finds Professionals.

Hiring can be easy. Leverage our professional, technical and organizational expertise at InfraSoft.

Traditionally Professional

You are looking for highly skilled IT professionals. We have decades' worth of experience in the IT business. This ensures that you get the experts whose skill sets match your current needs. Even with very specific technical job requirements you can be certain that we understand what you are talking about. If your ideas about the kind of talent you are looking for are still of a general nature, we will help you to draw up a job profile for the employee-to-be. You always get the IT expert with the proper qualifications.

Peer Aware

What worth are the best IT experts if they do not fit into your team? Therefore, we always keep an eye on the human factor in our placements. Our candidates not only show the required professional and technical expertise, they also demonstrate social competency, responsibility and the ability to work in teams. We also provide advice on how you can best set up your IT teams and on how to make teams function well during a project. We do this to make sure that our IT experts work efficiently for you.

Best Organized

We act fast and always true to our motto: Whenever you are hiring you need assistance right away. Therefore, we set everything in motion to make the best suited IT experts available to you. And one thing you can be always sure of - we use our brains in doing so. We know that to find the right IT experts a lot of details must be considered. This includes matters of employment regulations such as, for example, the Austrian Act on Temporary Provision of Employees (AÜG). We take care that everything runs smoothly.